Boston Magazine

Ooh, glossy pages! Journalism is pretty!

Cleaning House: New Mayor Marty Walsh has launched a quiet war to fumigate Boston’s most powerful agency — and, in essence, the entire culture of City Hall. As he digs up dirt on city departments, he’s doing more than just taking on a couple of rogue agencies — he’s also taking a blowtorch to the legacy of Tom Menino. June, 2014

The Empty Quarter: Boston’s Financial District is hollowing out. That’s a big problem — but it may also be an opportunity. December, 2012

King Sal: Our Speaker of the House has always done things own his way. And now that he’s made himself the most powerful man in the state, he just wants people to play by his rules. February, 2008

Power 2008 – The Elements of Influence: A massive compendium of the various ways Bostonians bring power to bear on each other’s heads. Featuring case studies on Mayor Tom Menino, Michael Goldman and Jan Saragoni, and the NIMBY powerhouse Beacon Hill Civic Association. Plus, a vitriolic sidebar about scary power. Cover story, May, 2008

Over His Dead Body: Time was, Cardinal William O’Connell could bend the city to his will. Today, as an expansion-crazed Boston College is discovering, his bones are proving an equally potent adversary. The making of a town-gown fight of biblical proportions. June, 2008

The Firebrand: The more Boston turns against its scandal-plagued firefighters, the further out on a limb Ed Kelly goes to defend them. Is the bombastic union boss as nuts as he seems? Or does he know a few things the rest of us don’t? July, 2008

The FBI’s Most Pundited: A primer on talking heads talking Whitey Bulger. August, 2011

It’s All New York’s Fault: A short history of New York City devastating Boston’s economy. December, 2008

The Other Bailout Plan: How one Boston banker’s investment became a national model for immigration advocates. November, 2008

Lost and Sound: How a small Nantucket company turned a forgotten Woody Guthrie recording into a Grammy nominee. February, 2008

Why Did the Building Cross the Road? For developers, one side of Boylston Street is very different than the other. April, 2008

At Boston, I also wrote a weekly political column, the Hill and the Hall, which was a finalist for best blog column at the 2009 City and Regional Magazine Awards competition. I lost to some food blog, and then the links to those old columns got broken during a site redesign. If you’re in the mood for years-old political news, maybe try Google. Wicked exciting UPDATE! I’ve managed to extricate most of the old Hill and the Halls from deep in the maw of the internet. Here are the archives, by month: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October.


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