Weekly Dig, 2005

We’re going way back in time here. Stories include an investigation of the T’s not-so bomb-proof bomb-proof trash cans, an early diatribe against Columbus Center, and an innovative but forgotten solution to Boston’s then-mounting crime rate. Much more to come here.

Bomb Bait: The T’s bomb-proof trash cans, um, aren’t. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.

Landsmark Revisited: Neck-deep in the politics of race, class, and public housing.

From Prison to Posh: A look back at the Charles Street Jail’s grisly history. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4.

The Mitt Romney Assisted Suicide Initiative: Scoundrel Gov chases after the red states, hard. Page 1, Page 2.

BostonGunz.gov: Will gun-toting criminals get the internet sex offender treatment?

Tastes Like Bacon: Blight comes to the Back Bay, thanks to Columbus Center.

“We can literally make hundreds of millions of these”: OLPC and MIT try to save the world with cheap laptops.

David Wallace: MIT prof recreates some hot ancient weaponry. Page 1, Page 2.

Rats! An examination of the greatest union prop ever.

The Clintonian Option: City Council meets in secret, debates meaning of word “meeting.”

He Said, They Didn’t: Fun with wild allegations and missing police reports.

Outside Shot: Wondering aloud about the candidacy of Deval Patrick, before any of that St. Fleur mess.

Brian Less: Senator unleashes yearly barrage of nonsense.

Art Meets Wal-Mart: Something stinks at the MFA.

Pell-Mell’s Angels: A night of nonsense and nakedness with the infamous SCUL chopper gang. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.

Elmore Leonard: Famed author speaks. To me.

Matt Taibbi: Rolling Stone scribe talks about the horrors of covering presidential campaigns.

Jon Ronson: British author parses levitation and Guantanamo.

Terry Jones: Python bites into the War on Terror.

Davy Rothbart: Finder of FOUND things discusses Mr. Rogers, trash, storytelling, and small-time scams.

The Unseen: Boston punks on the differences between Ken Casey and Phil Spector.


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