Weekly Dig, 2006

Every year at the Dig was an awesome year, but this one especially so. Tom Reilly was floundering, Deval Patrick was surging, the City Council was especially City Council-ish, and Mitt Romney was off playing life as conservatively as possible. Plus! Some art and books clips are living towards the bottom (or will be soon enough). Have a look for yourself.

Shhhh: Locals suing over secret meetings get the silent treatment.

Church, Meet State: Something smells about that Roxbury mosque.

Phase III Cometh: Subway for poor people to demolish houses for poor people. Page 1, Page 2.

The Mitt Romney Assisted Suicide Initiative, Part 2: Gay-bashing for votes.

Slumber Party: Your guide to the 2006 Democratic primary. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.

Sticker Shock: Dianne Wilkerson and the politics of self destruction. Page 1, Page 2

Girl, You So Nasty: Muffy gets fluffy for Rove.

The Main Event: A quick, very dirty guide to the gubernatorial election. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.

Menino V?: Is the mayor hot for his own seat?

Deval, Sal, and the Wisdom of Not Talking Trash: Advice not taken.

Corked: How a suburban pol is coming between Boston and its booze. Updated.

DRM Roll: Local geeks battle nefarious technology. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3.

ODF: WTF? The Legislature suddenly takes an interest in state IT policy.

OPENSTUDIO: MIT’s Media Lab tries to save art. Page 1, Page 2.

Peace Out: The trouble with vets and the Southie Parade.

Trojan Horse: Microsoft lobbyist works the inside angle.

Did Johnny Get Jacked? Yeah he did.

Hi, Neighbor! ‘Gansett’s back.

The Ice Man Cometh: Meet the dude who cleans the ice at the Garden. Page 1, Page 2

Specs Offenders: Meet the cons who make poor kids’ eyeglasses. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

Live Poultry, Fresh Killed: A slightly gory look inside the most recognizable independent business in Cambridge. Page 1, Page 2

It’s All Good: Boogie shoots gangsters and crackheads. With film.

Flesh Life: Joseph Rodriguez jets to Mexico City, finds the locals getting it on. And not enjoying it too much.

My Life in Politics: If democracy sucked, would anybody notice?


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