Me, In the Week, Some Weeks Ago

Further proof I don’t have a Google alert on myself: I’m just finding out that The Week threw some love to a Globe op-ed piece a few weeks ago. Its awesomeness is only slightly diminished by the passage of time.


Scenes from #Mayor4LivableBos



Last night I had the terrifying assignment/honor of co-moderating a Boston mayoral forum on transportation and livable communities. A gazillion people showed up and I somehow managed to not pass out on stage. Storify wrap-up is here; Facebook photos are here. Thanks to the 8 mayoral hopefuls who attended, and the 28 (!!!) groups that sponsored the forum.

Occupy Green Beer

There’s nothing especially wicked traditionally Irish about dying the Chicago River green, or swilling cheap booze from a styrofoam Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cup while a dude in full Imperial Stormtrooper garb high-steps it down Broadway. So why hate on green beer? If the green beer we drink on St. Paddy’s tastes like garbage, the answer isn’t banishing it; it’s finding guys who can make green beer worth drinking. Who’s making good green beer? Click on over to this Esquire post of mine and find out.