Weekly Dig, 2007

The newest, so hopefully, the best. Or at least the most stylistically coherent.

The Big Blind: Why the argument for casinos in Massachusetts ain’t nothing but a mathquerade.

Good Bostonians – Steve Bailey: Meet the city’s best columnist, all up close and stuff.

Double Down: How do you repair democracy in Massachusetts? Feed it more money, apparently.

Royally Flushed: Can’t we leave this casino thing alone? No, we can’t.

“People are pissed”: And so was the subject of this story.

Popularity Contest: Drop out of college, kid.

Auditing the Audit: Fun with math and newspaper wars.

“Let it Go”: Gambling addiction and the Sox collide!

Polluters Weep for the Old Days: Really, these guys are misty.

Blazin’ Saddles: A gratuitous pot story in the Dig? Never heard of such a thing.

Not Moved: City Hall, 5 trillion; tenants, zero.

Banana Republic on a Hill: Elections prove to be inconvenient.

Um, Sorry, America: Exclusive! Massachusetts officially apologizes for the Big Dig.

“Shame on us”: Is time running out on the city’s most famous nonexistent high school?

“What can people do to us?”: Want open meetings? Fine law-breaking electeds.

Grassroots choke State House: Deval Patrick supporters protest the legislative process.

Beached: Plans for a waterfront City Hall run aground. Seriously.

Dirty Justice: Racist, elitist smokestacks are going down.

The Three-Letter Word: Taxachusetts is dead. Long live deficits!

“We Expect Pushback”: Patrick’s first budget gets ready to sink.

Gay Marriage Scorecard: Tallying the winners and the winners and the losers in the last article about constitutional conventions you’ll ever have to read. Page 1, Page 2

Inauguration Day, 2007: Remember the good old days?

“We Would Like To Enlighten Them”: Robert Mugabe does battle with UMass students.

Drew Dernavich: What do New Yorker cartoons and gravestones have in common? This guy. Page 1, Page 2

Fall Books Preview 2007: They’re not exactly new anymore, are they?

Bears: Kent Rogowski is a bad, bad man.

Claw Money: Crime pays.

On the Road at 50: Jack’s scroll comes home.


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